Trillions of Photos – Create Something!

Photos. Snapshots. Pictures. Pics. Snaps. Whatever you call them, you take them. All-Of-The- Time! We take pictures at an ever-growing rate, yet the camera sits alone in the closet. How could that be? Simple. We use our smartphone, not the camera of the past. Sorry Canon. Business Insider wrote, “Sales of digital cameras have drastically declined over the years, dropping from 121.5 million in 2010 to an estimated 13 million in the first half of 2016.” Our fancy smartphone allows us to take quality photos, so we don’t need another camera or the extra bulk. It saves space in the bag and money in the wallet.

What do we know? According to InfoTrends, we know that this year people will take 100 billion more photos than they did in 2016. A one hundred billion increase is not to be ignored. It tells me we are either self-obsessed and on the verge of a vanity epidemic, or really interested in documenting our lives and preserving memories. I choose to go with the latter. Photos mean something to us. Capturing moments matters.

How many is too many? Quantity is a personal choice. Quality is subjective. My latte snap, your Mt. Everest pic. To each his own. I don’t know how may photos you have sitting on your phone (I currently have 9,015), but this year it is expected that we will have taken 1.2 trillion digital photos worldwide—thanks InfoTrends. Most of those snaps—taken on smartphones.

So, what do we do with all of those photos on our phone or those floating in the cloud? Unfortunately, most of us, nothing. We may share a few on social media, but we are not filling photo albums. Let’s do something about that. Let’s do more than digitally share our digital photos. Let’s create something. My suggestion is to choose your very favorite puppy pics, holiday shots and family snaps and make something that reflects you. Put your furry friend on the new iPhone X case, or personalise a custom Apple Watch Band with that gorgeous sunset pic. From notebooks to bluetooth speakers, smartphone cases to Apple watch bands– there are plenty of options for personalization. You can choose a few favorite snaps from the thousands, and collage a personalised iPhone case, or a personalised Samsung case (if that’s your thing)…and create something real from something digital.

Here’s the Plan…

  1. Take a few minutes and look over your photos. 
  2. Note the ones that make you smile.
  3. Check out to the design tool and get creative.

It’s easy. It’s made by you. And, it’s Made for Life.