Building A Business That Matters: Why Social Sustainability Is Crucial To Case Station

People are essential to our business – not just our employees, suppliers and customers, but also our prospective employees and the local community. In our eyes, for a business to truly matter, it must be socially sustainable above anything else. Here’s how we’re practicing what we preach.

Case Station: a business built on people

We’ve told you about our sustainable systems, we’ve explained how to find the best protective phone case and, hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration about how to decorate your smartphone accessories. Now, this is about people.

Case Station wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the people behind it. We’re proud to say that our staff’s sheer determination, plus a common belief in doing the right thing for society, has helped us show that manufacturing and ‘factories’ don’t have to be based on poor working environments, inequality, and unfair labour. That’s why a considerable part of our business is about giving back to local communities.

Ethical employment

We have all benefited from the support of friends and mentors at some stage in our life journey. We’re no messiahs, but if we can provide those with employment when they need it the most, like ex-army or those who simply don’t have a job, then that’s good enough for us.

“If I wasn’t here, I don’t know where I’d be. Case Station gave me a new path for the future after I left the army, and for that I’m very much grateful.”

For us, it’s not about degrees, grades, and direct experience; it’s about giving people a platform to make a difference. For example, off the back of COVID-19, we employed six people who had sudden redundancies elsewhere. But it’s not just about the people who are already in the world of work. We regularly run work experience placements for those without a home in the local area to help them build the skills and confidence to do what they love.

“I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to work here – it’s shown me the true meaning of a team working together. IDT feels like family.”

Whichever walk of life our employees have come from, most of them have one thing in common…

“As for the worst thing I have seen printed on one of our products… there’s been so many and all far too rude to mention here!”

Charity support – one of the ways we give back to the community

Supporting local charities is part of our social responsibility to the community. We make frequent donations to local and international charities, but our real work comes close to our Farnham factory. Post-COVID-19, we donate a weekly parcel to the Hale Community Centre, a local community hub for local Farnham residents who were hit hardest by the pandemic.

Could you join us?

If you’re looking to be a part of the Case Station journey, please do get in touch. We’ll give you the chance to build your skills in an engineering environment, with a dedicated team of designers who are united by a single aim: to change manufacturing for the better.

“The production process is much more complex than most people think; a huge deal of care and time goes into making the products.”

Or, if you’d like to support our journey to make the manufacturing industry more sustainable and build a circular economy, visit our website and choose a sustainable smartphone accessory.