The Day We’re All A Little Bit Irish!

On March 17th all over the world everyone who’s Irish, got Irish relatives, Irish friends or who just feels like a good party will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day. It has become a global symbol of celebration and fun, with shamrocks, leprechauns and the Irish national colours green, white and orange visible wherever the party’s happening. It’s Ireland’s biggest national holiday by far!

St. Patrick’s Day has an ancient tradition, having been made an official holiday in the early 17th Century, when restrictions on drinking alcohol during Lent were lifted, establishing the day’s reputation for alcoholic excess. But did you know that the original colour of St Patrick’s Day was blue? Or that St Patrick was originally from Wales? Less surprising is that the average daily consumption of Guinness, 5.5m pints, almost doubles to 10m on March 17th! Check out the top ten facts you never knew about St Patrick’s Day.

A custom phone case is a great way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day and telling your own ‘Irish’ story. We’ve added some St. Patrick’s Day Designs to our Art Collection to get you started, featuring pints of the ‘black stuff’, leprechauns and shamrock patterns.

Shamrocks are always seen as symbolising ‘the luck of the Irish’ but the well-known saying actually originated in America. During the gold rushes of the late 19th Century, a number of the most successful miners were Irish or Irish American and this association between the Irish and making money from mining became known as ‘the luck of the Irish’.

Our designs are one way of creating an Irish-themed case but our easy to use case designer enables you to add any image or text you like so you can proclaim your Irish connection in a way that’s unique to you. If you have an image of Ireland you love or a great shot of someone with an Irish connection you can make it into a smartphone case. Or perhaps make a collage of Irish images to tell your story? Images won’t fade with use or in the sun, colours will zing day in, day out and your case will look as good months from now as the day you got it.

Use the perfect image or collage to make a personalised phone case that only you could create. We’ve put some fun sayings on our designs but you can use our ‘text’ feature to add any text you like to your design. Custom phone cases can make great gifts, so maybe create something really memorable for someone close to you with an Irish connection and know they’ll enjoy it every time they pick up their phone!

There’s always a party on St. Patrick’s Day so you’ll want your phone to be protected from the risk of bumps and scratches. Our cases are engineered using the highest quality materials and will protect your smartphone.  Your unique design will mean there’s no room for mistakes or arguments and you’ll know which one to grab in a crowded bar or party.

So get a great personalised phone case for St Patrick’s Day, protect your smartphone and make it as individual as you are!