Inspiration And Tips For Customising Your Phone Case With Case Station

Cute dog picture, wedding photo or snap of the little one? All black background or bold gold? Seasonal gift pattern or timeless gingham? If you’ve hit a designer’s block when it comes to customising your phone case, we’ve got you. Here are a few tips, tricks, and hints to help make your masterpiece. (We know you’ve got one in you!)

Case Station: fully-customisable phone cases and personalised accessories

Creative expression is for everyone. It’s this belief that built our business. More importantly, it also inspired our Create Your Own tool, which gives artists, designers and everyone else a platform to release their creativity and customise our products.

But with so much choice and an unlimited camera roll to choose from, sometimes customisation can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve compiled a few hints and tips to get you firing.

Pictures, designs, or something else – the personalised route

If you’re stuck for choice, here are some of our favourite designs from across our categories.

The multi-photo personalisation approach

Choosing a picture to personalise your phone case with? Sometimes it’s too hard to pick just one. With our Create your Own tool, you can have up to four pictures. One for each of your kids, or each of your swimming trophies. Either way, here’s what a personalised phone case could look like when you experiment with extra images.

The power of words in phone case customisation

Customising smartphones doesn’t have to be image-based. A line from your favourite poem, your baby’s first sounds, or even your life mantra – If you’re more of a words person, think of a sentence that sums you up. Our stamps section has a few useful prompts, if we do say so.

Or, if you want to go outside the box, you could always upload a picture of some words you like in a stylish font to go onto your case.

Emojis speak a thousand words

Bring up your smartphone keyboard, hit the emoji button and see which one you use the most. Pineapple dreamer? Sun-with-face supporter? Whatever you are, one of them could look nice on your phone. We’ve got an extensive selection of bite-sized tags for you to use.

Matte or gloss – the understated personalisation decision

Glossy glaze will add a bit of shine to your case, whereas matte is more subtle. These two will make a big difference to your cover’s design.

A variety of canvases for you to unleash your creativity

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, a self-care treat or just an experiment to unleash your creativity, we’ve got you. Plus, we make all of our products using environmentally-friendly methods and materials, so you’ll be contributing to a sustainable system.

Visit our website, decide how to decorate your next phone case and… well that’s pretty much it. If you’re interested in personalising one of our sustainable phone accessories, what are you waiting for? Get yourself over to create your own smartphone accessory and unleash your creative side.