Made For Life – What Makes Case Station The Sustainable Choice For Protective Smartphone Accessories?

Finding a smartphone accessory? Easy. Finding the right sustainable phone accessory brand that shares your values? Not so easy. Case Station is sustainable by design. We research how the products are used by people and we design, develop, manufacture in quality managed sustainable environments. Our focus is on making recyclable phone accessories that are good for the planet; here’s how.

Sustainable smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories, we all need them, but with so many low-cost options, built with plastics that harm our environment, it’s hard to find a sustainable choice. 

Our planet produces over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes – used for a limited amount of time but lasting for several hundred years. And it’s not just the materials themselves that make manufacturing smartphone accessories unsustainable; it’s everything to do with the process. 

Today’s manufacturing industry is increasingly reflecting consumer culture: cheaply made goods, produced in all sorts of far-away places at the detriment of our beautiful planet and the people in it. But there is a better way.

Busting myths about smartphone accessories

‘Are phone accessories bad for the environment?’ is a top search term, as is ‘Where are phone cases made?’ Seemingly, not everyone can be sure where their smartphone case comes from, cue speculation about poor working environments, single-use plastic and shady manufacturing processes. Understandable. 

‘Sustainable phone cases’ commands around 1,000 monthly searches – so it’s clear that sustainability is on the list of necessities when it comes to purchasing criteria. At Case Station, our entire operating system is sustainable by design. But it’s more than cutting out single-use plastics; it goes beyond responsibly sourced materials; this is about sustainability on every level. 

A system that goes beyond sustainable smartphone accessories 

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it, so we’ve picked out some of the things that make us unique in our sustainable offering. 

Made for life – our belief

We design every aspect of the look and the functionality of our products to add value beyond money. This is about a deeper understanding of the concept of ‘value’. Sustainability has to be a key ingredient in everything we do, from manufacturing processes to giving back to local communities. So we’re leading the way. 

If it’s not on the list, it’s not coming in

We meet all the national and international regulatory requirements. We’ve got an accreditation list almost as long as our history – we were established in 2006. We commission global QA organisations to certify our products to meet national and international requirements.

The business works with AMFORI to ensure that we address people’s needs throughout the group. We would not work with anyone who did not have a tech data sheet or manufacturer safety data sheet 

Our accreditations are the backbone of how we operate – and we’re proud to be certified by Intertek, the same organization that set standards for tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. Recently we were honoured to be awarded the Queen’s award for enterprise, on two occasions in the last three years. 

Our internal QA process ensures that all suppliers meet the same standards. Which leaves us with a solid list of partners. Everything we source from raw materials – through sustainability pioneers Sabic – right down to the eco-friendly water-based inks we use, we source all of our materials from companies that adhere to national and international standards. 

Made by hand, in the UK

Our UK fulfilment operation in Farnham isn’t just a factory, it’s an environment where we encourage people to use blank canvases and create unique designs using our global ‘self serve’ platform, personalised and customised products. We undertake shipping these products on their behalf in-country. Our UK orders are made here by hand, accredited by all the global QA groups we mentioned earlier. 

We pride ourselves on sustainable manufacturing processes. From the management of energy to production processes, to no plastic environment where all packaging materials are recyclable. 

You can check it out for yourself. 

Keep it local 

We don’t believe in shipping products around the world. We believe in producing products in-country – so that’s what we do. At present, we have five manufacturing hubs, just like our Farnham HQ, all over the world. It means we can assign orders to the nearest hubs, cut down on emissions, and put money back into the local economy – sustainability at every level. 

Reusing materials through recycling will be part of our Back to Base initiative

This is part of our mission to go zero net carbon by 2030. It’s for customers to return our products to us, after a long and fruitful life, so that we can recycle them with an accredited recycler. 

Complete control 

Our business structure is simple: we both make our products and sell them. It’s what we call a vertical business structure. We didn’t want to rely on third-party providers for anything other than raw, sustainably and ethically made materials. So we don’t. It’s just us, our materials and our teams who assemble them by hand for our customers. Complete control gives us the power to deliver high quality and sustainable products.

So there you have it. Case Station laid bare. But where are the sustainable smartphone accessories?

The BIO case – the must-have sustainable smartphone accessory

You’ve got to this point, so you must be faintly interested in what we’re doing at Case Station. So how do you get involved? Well, if you’re concerned with the future of our world, we’d advise grabbing yourself one of our BIO sustainable smartphone cases.