Corporate Personalised Phone Cases

Over the past year we have seen thousands of corporate branded cases ship out of our facility. Each had a different message, but all commanded attention. Companies understand the value of maintaining their corporate visual identity and Case Station values the importance of representing businesses with products that are well designed and built to last.

When designing your personalised corporate phone case, consider background color, logo size and placement, image wrap and design. Smartphone cases are persuasive business-to-business gifts, customer gifts and are perfect for corporate branding. Take the time to design a case that reflects your message appropriately. Are you an entrepreneur trying to get your name out there?…Put it on a case and gift it to your customers. Working on grabbing a piece of the millennial market?…Design a case with your logo along with an image suited for the millennial demographic. Giveaways are a proven way to build customers and expand your brand.

And with Case Station, quality is apparent. Don’t put your high quality brand on a low quality product, Case Station’s sophisticated print process embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, and protects them with a strong clear finish – the result is an image that is not on the case, but inside it, and protected from scratches, fading, wear, and damage.

We have made it easy for companies to order personalised corporate phone cases. Two simple steps allow you to personalise and customise phone cases and Apple watch straps. First, simply upload your logo or design to our case designer and create your custom product. Second, place your order. It’s that easy.

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If you have any questions along the way or need help with your order, please contact [email protected] or reach out on Chat.