Case Station: Experts in Device Protection

With personalised Marvel smartphone cases launching in London this week…I have super heroes on the brain. Truth be told, similar to Spider-Man fighting evil to keep New York City safe, Case Station protects your device from harm. Is that a stretch…not at all. Spider-Man has super strength and agility, and can react to danger quickly with his spidey-sense. Case Station protects your device from drops, dents and scratches. We are the Super Hero of cases!

Case Station is committed to delivering premium quality personalized phone cases that define the industry standards for decoration and durability. Our materials, processes, products, and fulfillment centers meet or exceed global health and safety standards. We meet all relevant Reach and RoHs requirements and maintain our TUV qualification (That’s fancy for: we pass lots of tests!). We guarantee the quality and performance of our custom phone cases and stand behind those guarantees. In short what does that mean? We are the experts in the industry. We are the Avengers of cases. We are Made for Life



POW Marvel Personalised Phone Case

Our print quality reflects the highest resolution full color printing technology available today, ensuring photo – quality results on plastic surfaces. Registration of images can be maintained to +/- 1mm.



Our decoration is a full – wrap 3D process, extending around the 3D surface of the case – including the sides, edges, and corners. This unique process offers significant advantage over traditional flat – surface printing, both in terms of visual appeal and end customer experience.



Our sophisticated process embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, and protects them with a strong clear finish – the result is an image that is not on the case, but inside it, and protected from scratches, fading, wear, and damage. Our products are built to protect the device and the beauty of the images – and to last.

BAM Marvel Personalised Phone Case



Our case products are made from very high specification Amorphous Polymers, the same materials which are used on space missions. Our molds precisely match the dimensions of devices to ensure the best possible fit.


So, the next time your device collides with a foreign object, be thankful a Case Station personalised phone case is protecting your investment. It is proven you can be a super hero without a cape. Just like Spider-Man.


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