Designs For You By Marcela MacLaughlin


Case Station is now collaborating with artist, Marcela MacLaughlin, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her exuberance for patterns and colour is apparent in each design, as is her adoration for ancient craft and textile techniques. Each design brings to life the smartphone it is placed on. It becomes, art for your pocket. Find MacLaughlin designs on iPhone, Samsung and LG smartphone cases.

About Marcela MacLaughlin

Marcela MacLaughlin is a trained architect, who also went to art school. She loves art, home decor, surface pattern, painting and crafting. She owned a tile shop for many years, where she designed and sold encaustic tiles for clients; both modern and vintage. She offered new designs for an ancient floor making technique. The tile business motivated her to want to share her art around the world. Tiles are expensive to ship, but digital work is not. She began selling work digitally, and now offers many of her designs at Case Station.