5 Ways To Remember Summer 2016

Summer is drawing to a close, although here at Case Station we’ve experienced some bonus sunny weather this week. As you return to work, school or college and look back at a summer packed with days on the beach, festivals, drinks in pub gardens or relaxing in the park with your friends, it’s nice to save those memories.

No doubt you have loads of photos. Some may be just snaps recording what you got up to, others may be more significant like a selfie with a new person in your life, your baby’s first ice-cream, or you and your BFF on holiday. So what are you going to do with these pictures so they don’t just use up memory space on your phone? Here are our top ideas for remembering your Summer of 2016.

1. Make A Slide Show

Back in the day, after a trip or summer holiday people would invite their friends and family around to see their slides in a darkened room! Now you can create the experience on your mobile using any of the many apps available for your smartphone. Unlike those old slideshows you can also add special effects, graphics and text, and include audio such as your summer playlist.

2. Create An Instagram Photo Wall

Instagram photos look great when displayed in a grid on the wall. Their square format makes it an easy project to do yourself; just print them out the same size, or get someone like Jessops to do them for you, mark out a grid on your wall using masking tape, and spray mount the photos directly onto the wall. Remove the masking tape and you have an instant wall graphic with all your summer memories.

3. Save As Your Wallpaper Or Screensaver

Preserve your memories, at least temporarily, by changing your laptop or desktop screensaver to one of your summer photos. Then when you have the Monday Blues you can remember it’s all worthwhile because working pays for your holidays and the fun stuff!

4. Upgrade Your Phone Case

Why not turn your favourite photos into a phone case so you’re reminded of summer every time you use your phone. Personalised phone cases also make great gifts for others; perhaps you could upgrade Granny’s phone case with a photo of her grandchildren, or your partner’s with a picture of you! With the countdown to Christmas already started, you could consider this idea for presents for your friends and family.

5. Use Unique Hashtags To Collate Your Summer Photos

If you and your friends want to share your photos from a special event or holiday, you could create a unique hashtag so you can all view each other’s pictures. For example, tag all your photos on Instagram or Facebook with ‘#xxxxandxxxxswedding’, and get your friends to do the same, then you can view and save all the photos taken at that event. Some online photo printers can create books and other print products using your unique hashtag to collate everyone’s photos.

If your summer photos are in danger of ending up unseen and unloved in your camera folder, why not try some of the ideas above so you can enjoy them for longer?