Show Us Your Cakes


Nothing says that Summer isn’t over yet than “The Great British Bake Off” coming back onto the tellybox!

From magical Macaroons to gorgeous Gateaux’s, we can’t wait to feast our eyes on what this year will bring!

This is the show’s 7th year, and is certain to not disappoint. Even with us having to wait for the Olympics to finish, its always good to see Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood back on our screens giving the competitors the run around!

It all kicks off at 8pm this evening on BBC 1 with 12 new faces putting on their aprons and dusting themselves down. Click here to see who’s who.

The Great British Bake Off is all about showcasing individual skills and design flair. Each contestant brings their own unique style to the show and hopes to wow the judges.

While baking an impressive cake is one way to let off your creative steam, there are other ways to impress your mates with your boundless creativity.

There are endless ways to blow your own trumpet with Case Station. Have you ever created a child’s birthday cake that brought the house down? Or maybe you’ve created a batch of showstopper cupcakes that were the talk of the summer fete?

If you have a sweet tooth, Case Station can offer some relief…. Choose from Cupcake designs, Donuts and other sticky goodies. Or if you are the one on the edge of your seat shouting at the TV why not create a case that’s entirely unique to you and your own opinions?!

And unlike your average cake, although we don’t recommend eating them, your new phone case will last a lifetime!

Send us in a picture of your own signature bake and the best one will get a free case featuring your own creation!

Click here to start your design adventure!