Personalised Apple Watch Bands – Case Station

Apple is brand known worldwide for its beautiful, high quality, ground-breaking products. Yes, there were MP3 players before the iPod but they were odd-looking and difficult to use. Everyone from Microsoft to Samsung and Toshiba had tried to build tablet before the iPad but no-one succeeded like Apple. The company has a history of making technology a joy to use so when the company launched the Apple Watch in April 2015, there was feverish excitement around the world. And the Watch did not disappoint, its combination of good looks, ease of use and connectivity meant it quickly became the fastest selling wearable device of all time, with 4.2 million watches sold in the third quarter of 2015.


People who own the Apple Watch expect the best, not just from the watch itself but from any accessories they can get their hands on, which is where we come in. We stole the MWC show with the launch of our “Wearable Product” for the Apple Watch…yes an Apple Watch Band that can be personalised. You’ve been able to tell your story through custom phone cases for a while and now you can make an Apple Watch band as individual as you are!


We have created a number of great designs for you to choose in our ‘Art Collections’ catalogue and we offer bands in either 38mm or 42mm sizes. But we love creativity so use the perfect image or collage to make a personalised Watch band that only you could create! You can use our ‘text’ feature to add any text you like to your design. Create yourself a unique Watch band, or perhaps make two or three so you can match them to your mood or outfit.


Innovation and individuality are very important to us and we want you to enjoy your creation day after day, month after month. Images won’t fade with use or in the sun, colours will zing day in, day out and your Watch band will look as good months from now as the day you got it. We pride ourselves on our product quality and constantly hear stories about cheap prices, low quality, and a lack of technical support. The low quality products that once flooded the market are not up to the job and people realise that a cheap product is poorly made, defective and in some cases dangerous.


Changing the band on your Watch is actually a simple process but it is extremely important that any new band fits perfectly into the precisely engineered slots on your Watch. The last thing you’d want would be your stylish Watch slipping off while you’re out and about. Our watch bands are beautifully engineered, easy to swap over and securely hold your Watch in place.


So get a great personalised Watch band for your Apple Watch, proclaim your individuality and know that your Watch band will perform brilliantly, just like the amazing watch itself! Design your watch band today