Autumn, We Love You

Autumn is officially here. I love the rich hues, brisk fall air, crunching leaves and warm sweaters. And this year, I am seriously crushing on the fall colors showing up on the runway, in stores and on the street. They are the kind of colors you can wear in both small and large doses. Head-to-toe […]

Case Station Design a case. Made for life.

Case Station Design a case. Made for life. We are a global brand with British heart that dares you to be different; to break away from the crowd with your own sense of style. We have spent years creating and patenting the best products and technologies so that you can design beautiful cases that are […]

Pre-order Your Personalised iPhone X Case Today!

We can finally say it…Pre-Order your personalised iPhone X case today! Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, introduced the world to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the highly anticipated iPhone X. The all-glass devices have edge-to-edge displays and can be charged wirelessly. The new iPhone X has no home button and unlocks using […]

iPhone X Leak

What’s in a name? Apparently a roman numeral ten.  September 12 is fast approaching. The “Apple Special Event” is set for 10 a.m. PDT. I will be one of many watching the keynote at my office, curious to learn what is next for Apple. Months worth of rumours will be either squashed or verified. During […]

Trillions of Photos – Create Something!

Photos. Snapshots. Pictures. Pics. Snaps. Whatever you call them, you take them. All-Of-The- Time! We take pictures at an ever-growing rate, yet the camera sits alone in the closet. How could that be? Simple. We use our smartphone, not the camera of the past. Sorry Canon. Business Insider wrote, “Sales of digital cameras have drastically […]